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What is BloggerInsight?

BloggerInsight is a dynamic research community providing independent, qualitative advice from experts in Asia to enable clients to make smart decisions.

1. Case Creation

We provide unique, qualitative research on market entry, product and marketing idea generation, travel, tech, gaming, fashion and more. Access experts by industry and focus, leverage the power of numbers.

2. Access Experts

The BloggerInsight network has been hand picked to include the top opinion leaders in their respective fields. BloggerInsight ensures that only the most insightful responses from the most qualified bloggers are included in the research report so clients get clear, actionable advice.

3. Smart Decision

In an area where there is a lack of quality information, these expert bloggers provide a valuable resource. Through this innovative system, BloggerInsight "crowdsources" information to efficiently provide both wide-reaching and detailed analysis.

BloggersInsight offers wonderful market intelligence from expert bloggers in China. If you are serious about entering the Chinese market, you definitely need their help. The method is pretty straightforward, but works like a charm. The reports are concise, very to the point and most importantly: useful! - Europe's Largest Pre-teen and Teen Social Networking Site
When localizing Jimdo in China, the BloggerInsight experts provided great insight into the market, future opportunites and the competition. This directly translated into an improved business plan and more efficient marketing activities.

Matthas, Co-Founder
Jimdo - Popular Website Building Platform in Europe, North America, and China
BloggerInsight is a great service to quickly get quality input on product development from experienced people. Responses truthfully reflected our strengths and weakness in a professional way. After reading those responses, I had extra confident to improve our new product. Personally think it’s a very cool concept.
Galaxy Lee - Operations Director - China's Top User Generated Restaurant Review Site
BloggerInsight is a great innovative new tool to check bloggers trends and opinions in China. We have conducted one survey with them and were very happy with the quality of the research and the quality of service. We will definitely use their service in the future.

Barak, Co-Founder and CEO - China's Top Job Site
NETLOG Jimdo Dian Ping meijob