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5 Weibo "Must Follows" in the Tech Industry

In our last post we described Sina Weibo and listed the Top 5 Weibo’ers, with a famous Internet industry Weibo user as bonus.  Due to popular demand, we’re back with another Top 5 excellent Weibo’ers in the tech industry.

  1. 暴风冯鑫 is CEO of Baofeng, a Beijing based company that produces a popular media player. He writes about books he reads, how to manage one’s own business and how to be a excellent leader. He also shares his life with friends, taking Weibo chats with friends seriously.

  2. 邵亦波, a General Partner with Matrix Partners, writes about the ways to run a business but in the most cases he likes to share his own experiences.  He describes what happened to his wife when she moved from Taiwan to Shanghai. Popular topics are democracy and politics.
  3. 易观于扬 as Chairman of Analysys International uses Weibo to introduce conferences hosted by his company and their latest news.  He recommends books he reads and from time to time he discusses what happened in his life.
  4. 杨曦沦 is an expert on brand valuation. He uses his Weibo to share his views about e-commerce and brand management.
  5. 老郭007 works in the internet industry and likes to discuss popular industry events. Most of his updates are responses to others’ posts but he often makes very thought provoking comments.  He shares thoughts on life as well.

Bonus: 金山安全王欣 is CEO of Kingsoft Internet Security and perhaps the only female Weibo’er in the Internet industy with great influence. Her initial Weibo popularity was because of the war amongst security software providers. She used Weibo as a platform to clarify the events as quickly as possible. Following this issue she seldom talks about the security market in China. Instead, she  enjoys forwarding Weibo posts from other users in different industries.

As always, if you have other suggestions please share them in the comments!

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