What is Social Sourced Intelligence?

BloggerInsight’s hand picked network of top opinion leaders provides Social Sourced Intelligence (SSI). BloggerInsight ensures that only the most insightful responses from the most qualified bloggers are included in the research report so clients get clear, actionable advice. This innovative system "crowdsources" analysis on topics ranging from high-tech and social media, to consumer products and study abroad education.

  • Asia Focused

    BloggerInsight serves clients worldwide who seek to enter, expand, or evaluate China, Korea and Japan’s markets. We strive to simplify these rapidly growing markets by bridging the knowledge gap in a convenient, economical way.
  • Customized Research

    There is a lack of open source information in Asia, especially key insights in support of facts and data. BloggerInsight sources this knowledge directly from hand-picked bloggers based on client’s needs.
  • Community Powered

    It is our network of experts whose cumulative knowledge and varying opinions make the platform work. BloggerInsight strives to provide a method for bloggers to monetize their knowledge while also fostering the community's growth.

Types of Research

By leveraging exclusive blogger produced content, BloggerInsight empowers clients to make smarter decisions with increased industry knowledge, competitor analysis, product feedback, idea generation and marketing know-how.

  • Quick Look

    Look before jumping. This quick and dirty report is an easy way to get a sense of a specific market or industry before entering. It includes a brief overview of potential competitors, consumer behavior, and recommendations for entry. Bloggers share their opinions on feasibility of entry and the key factors for success.

  • Market Check

    Understand the environment. A detailed look into specific markets in China, Japan, or Korea. This report investigates the economic and social factors driving the industry, including monetization methods, consumer behavior and future growth recommendations.

  • Strategic Market Entry

    Formulate the plan. How to enter and grow a chosen market. Who better to guide and advise than the market watchers who follow companies’ success and failures on a daily basis? Honest advice from industry experts.

  • Product Development

    Innovation management. Panel discussion and the necessary features and functions needed to succeed complete with examples from competitors and ideas for new innovations. Pre-launching testing with experts, perfect the product. Includes User interface, design, features, etc. feedback and recommendations.